CO2 hop Extract is an oily resin produced by using CO2 at supercritical conditions to extract the active components that producers use to control the characteristic hop bitterness and flavour of their beer. It can be added early or late in the boil, it can be used as a partial or total replacement of hops.

CO2 hop Extract concentrates the alpha acids, beta acids and essential oils into a more manageable form than hop pellets.

CO2 hop Extract increases the product yield (e.g litres of wort) by decreasing losses absorbed in the plant material giving more kegs from your boil. This decreases waste, increases thermal efficiency and makes the brewing easy to manage and improves consistency.

Brewing Properties:

  • Aroma and Flavor: The extract contains the resins and essential oils used for aroma and flavor when it is added later in the boil or to direct aroma hopping the whirlpool.
  • Bitterness (IBU) and Utilization: Isomerization of alpha acids of the CO2 hops extract is usually higher than using hop pellets. Typical utilizations are between 32w% to 45w%.
  • Dosage: addition for bitterness is based on the concentration of alpha acids in the CO2 Hop Extract, wort properties (e.g. density) and utilization. Utilization varies depending on the properties, and scheduled additions.
  • Addition: CO2 Hop Extract can be added anytime during the boil. Early in wort boiling it is recommended from 5 to 10 minutes after the start of boil. It can also be added later in the boil, recommended not less than 5 minutes before kettle cast for “late hop” character. It may need to be warmed to approximately 40°C to improve flow.

CO2 Hop Extract Composition:

CO2 Hop Extract contains the natural bittering components and aromatic hop oils

  • Alpha Acids: The main components are humolone, cohumulone, adhumulone. These are isomerized by heat in solution, most often in boiling wort to be converted into iso-alpha acids which result in bitterness. It’s concentration varies with the hop variety, typically between 20w% to 50w%.
  • Betta Acids: its concentration also varies with hop variety, typically between 12w% to 40w%.
  • Essential Oils: key contributors to aroma and flavour. Its concentration also varies with hop variety, typically between 2w% to 15w%.