CO2 hop Extract is an oily resin produced by using CO2 at supercritical conditions to extract the active components that producers use to control the characteristic hop bitterness and flavour of their beer. It can be added early or late in the boil, it can be used as a partial or total replacement of hops.

Yes. There is significant retention of wort in the spent solid matter when using hop leaf or pellets. You can reduce your wort losses and increase product yield (e.g. kegs of beer)

Yes. Creating an extract from hops pellets increases stability. The extract will not rot as pellets can do when they become damp. The extract does not degrade like the hops plant or hops pellets.

It can be stored at ambient temperature for up to 3-5 years. If stored at cool conditions (~5°C) it can last up to 8+ years with no significant changes in composition.

No problem! We can create an extract from your existing pellets. This will keep the consistency of your finished product, and use your current supply more efficiently.