What is CO2 Hop Extract?

CO2 hop Extract is an oily resin produced by using CO2 at supercritical conditions to extract the active components that producers use to control the characteristic hop bitterness and flavour of their beer. It can be added early or late in the boil, it can be used as a partial or total replacement of hops.

CO2 hop Extract concentrates the alpha acids, beta acids and essential oils into a more manageable form than hop pellets.

CO2 hop Extract increases the product yield (e.g litres of wort) by decreasing losses absorbed in the plant material giving more kegs from your boil. This decreases waste, increases thermal efficiency and makes the brewing easy to manage and improves consistency.

Advantages of Using CO2 Hop Extract

  • Reduced wort losses, increased product yield (e.g. kegs of beer), increased revenue. There is significant retention of wort in the spent solid matter when using hop leaf or pellets.
  • Improved efficiency: Improved accessibility to alpha acids resulting in higher utilization.
  • Homogeneity: Mixing and concentration of extract, results in a much more homogeneous material than using hop bales or pellets.
  • Reduction in chemicals and heavy metal residues: These are retained mostly in the solid matter of the plant and discarded after the extraction.
  • Volume reduction from hop pellets to the concentrated extract. Your facility will have more storage capacity for beer rather than pellets.
  • Increased Stability and shelf life: It can be storage at ambient temperature for up to 3 to 5 years. If storaged at cool conditions (~5°C) it can last up to 8+ years with no significant changes in composition.
  • Automatization: Extract can be added automatically (or semiautomated) with a controlled dosing system or manually with greater precision.

 Chart table with dosage for homebrewers. Contact us to obtain the chart table for your brewery.